Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

Gamo Silent Cat

Are you looking for a unique air rifle with power, accuracy, and light in weight? The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle may be the exact combination of features you desire. The rifle is light in weight due to the composite construction making it easy for all types of shooters to enjoy the rifle. The rifle can send a pellet streaking towards the target faster than the speed of sound and … [Read more...]

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle Review

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

The Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is another one of the interesting air rifles from the renowned gun maker Ruger. This air rifle is packed with power and features you will enjoy, but there are a couple items you should look at closely before making your final decision. As you would expect with any gun from Ruger, the Blackhawk is well-built and highly accurate. If you are … [Read more...]

How to Clean Your Air Rifle

Ready to get your airgun in tiptop shape but need to know how to clean your air rifle? Collectors and shooters can tell you how important it is to keep your gun clean, and you're probably aware of that fact yourself. Your best air rifle should be treated with care, which is why this cleaning guide has been written for you. Step by step, you will be walked through what it … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Air Rifle For Squirrel Hunting?

When it comes to squirrel hunting, one of the questions often asked is ‘what is the best air rifle for squirrel hunting?’ The question is rather difficult to answer because that will depend on where you plan to hunt and in what conditions. Those who are experienced with air rifles will tell you that there is no single gun that can be recommended to suit all. A good hunter will … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Air Rifle Brand?

If you want the best air rifle brand, you have a number of options. A lot of gun enthusiasts get confused about which one to go with. If you are not sure, one brand you might want to go with is Gamo. Their guns are strong, reliable and well built. Here are 2 air rifle models from the company you might want to consider:   Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle   This … [Read more...]