Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

Gamo Silent Cat

Are you looking for a unique air rifle with power, accuracy, and light in weight? The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle may be the exact combination of features you desire. The rifle is light in weight due to the composite construction making it easy for all types of shooters to enjoy the rifle. The rifle can send a pellet streaking towards the target faster than the speed of sound and … [Read more...]

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle Review

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

The Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is another one of the interesting air rifles from the renowned gun maker Ruger. This air rifle is packed with power and features you will enjoy, but there are a couple items you should look at closely before making your final decision. As you would expect with any gun from Ruger, the Blackhawk is well-built and highly accurate. If you are … [Read more...]

Remington Nitro Piston Short Stroke Air Rifle Review

Remington Nitro Piston Short Stroke

Can you find an American made air rifle which not only competes in quality but exceeds the competition? Remington Nitro Piston Short Stroke air rifle from Crosman takes on this challenge and may shock you with quality, features, and cost to performance ratio. Crosman’s Remington line of air rifles is well known for their accuracy and ease of use. The Remington NPSS lives up to … [Read more...]

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Review

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle

What is one of the biggest secrets to eliminating pests with an air rifle which you may not be thinking about? The answer is quiet. The Gamo Whisper air rifle is designed to reduce the amount of noise created by a high powered air rifle. Many first time buyers expect an air rifle to be nearly silent, but high powered air rifles are not. Their report can be quite loud and may … [Read more...]

Crosman Phantom 1000 FPS .177 break barrel Air Rifle Review

Crosman Phantom 1000 FPS .177 Break Barrel Air Rifle

The Crosman Phantom 1000 air rifle is an enigma. It is a decent high-powered barrel break cocking pellet gun, but with some quirks which might fit your needs, or might drive you crazy. It is important to consider as you read this entire review that the Crosman Phantom 1000 is a low cost break barrel rifle from one of the leading companies in the industry. The rifle will not … [Read more...]